No Internet at Work

Internet connection is down at work. Called Comcast many times and they say we are going to be fixed any minute now.  I’m holding my breath.
Hubby is doing better now. I think it helped that he talked about that call last week.  The father confessed to slitting his son’s throat. check out the paper from July 4th if you want more details.  What a disgusting man. Attempting to kill his own son.  What sick person could possibly do that?  The child will survive, but what kind of scars will he have? I don’t mean the physical ones either.
On to happier things.  We leave for TN on Saturday. I’m looking forward to resting while hubby goes to training.  The hotel we are staying in has delta river boat rides right in the lobby! How cool is that. And there is a mall right next door. I’m set for life!
If you want a sampling of the new words added to the dictionary this year, check out  and tell me how much you hate many of them. GINORMOUS? Aren’t Gigantic and Enormous enough? We have enough words people can’t spell. Many can’t even pronounce "ask" correctly.  I can’t stand hearing "aks" 1,000 times a day. Lets not make it even harder for these folks.  Getting down from my soapbox now.
Now that I am back on the ground, and breathing at a normal pace, I must say that the new kitten is a hoot. She loves attention, loves to sleep with the dogs, and eats everything. I think she thinks she is a dog. Our pets are so confused. A dog that thinks he is a cat, a cat that is a dog, a cat that refuses to clean himself, and dog that is a moose.  Animal House.

One response to “No Internet at Work

  1. Sounds like the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.  Yes?

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