Simpons Weekend

We went to see the Simpsons Movie on Friday night. Yes, that was opening night. My niece bought the tickets early and we got there 45 minutes before it started to get good seats.  First, you must know that I am NOT a Simpsons fan.  I went because I knew it would be fun to be there with my husband and niece who are HUGE fans.  And it was so much fun.  They are both decked out in their Simpson’s attire.  A huge bucket of popcorn (eated by everyone, not just me) and 2 hours later, and I couldn’t believe I had enjoyed it. A lot. I even laughed out loud.  It was a great time and I am so glad we went together.  We enjoyed some pizza afterwards and it was time for homey home. 
Saturday was a "do nothing" day. We had a great workout at the gym, but then wound up sitting around the rest of the day.  Sunday was a great day.  We went to church, breakfast and got tons of work done.  I took time out to take mom to the Olive Garden and mall.  A little grocery shopping and then it was time for bed.  The weekends are much too fast.

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