I have severe "sometimers" I forget things some of the time. Bordering in "all the timers".  Last month hubby and I were supposed to have dinner with friends. I remembered this at 4am. The NEXT DAY! We never showed up. Just didn’t go. Nada. Nothing. Bubkiss. We just plumb forgot.  These friends must be very forgiving because they are giving us another chance. This week. Thursday. 6:00pm.  I am writing here in hopes that some of you will remember and remind me before I leave work.  Hey! Yes, you the Blonde Polish one! Go to dinner with your friends tonight!  Perhaps I will remember to go if you do that.  No promises.
While you are at it, tomorrow night is the 40th birthday of another friend.  I have been invited to her house at 7:00pm tomorrow.  Want to help me with that one too? And maybe you could remind me to actually pick up her gift while you are at it.  And if you guys don’t mind, I have a dentist appointment in December….

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