What is wrong with this picture. No, not the one above the mantel.

Watching the news can be quite interesting. No, I take that back. It can be, and many times is, very annoying!
Case in point. We saw a news piece over the weekend about a body that was found in a suitcase on the Peace River.  That was just awful. But here is the part where it got very interesting…the reporter stated "This is NOW being looked at as a homicide"  What was it before? A contortionist’s act gone horribly wrong? I had to rewind and listen again. Yes, he just said it is NOW being looked at as a homicide.  Idiots.  This reminded us of another news report we saw years ago about a body on fire that was found in a vacant field. It was ON FIRE!!! The reporter stated "This is being investigated as a "suspicious incident". You are kidding! I thought that was completely normal! 

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