Now I know why they are “affordable air”

Air conditioner still not working right.  We have placed 20 service calls. 2 they wouldn’t respond to. 4 they told us they would come, but never did. I left work, they never came. Never even called.  14 calls they came, but can’t figure out what is wrong. Say it is "working fine"  WORKING FINE! It can’t get below 78 until 2:00am.  That is working fine??? We paid $7,000 for THAT! I want the old one back. I’m sitting at home waiting for Carrier reps to call me at this time. Waiting. Said they would call me back in 5 minutes. That was 15 minutes ago.  I hate when people lie to me. Hate it a lot.  I can’t wait to hear what they are going to tell us now.  Just can’t wait.  I requested a new company come and look at the unit (Affordable are useless).  Weigold came out last night. Excellent company. Highly recommend them.  He found something that no one else found. A Valve was broken. Cracked. useless. How was that missed. But he found something else. I know that. He wouldn’t say, but you could tell from what he DIDN’t say. Said "carrier will have to call you. I sent everything to them. the rest is up to them." stuff like that.

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