My friend Sue Buck, who some of you know needs our help. Please read below for a note from Sue.
"My niece Amy  and her husband are going through a rough time right now with their new baby boy, Adam. Adam is 3 1/2 months old and is literally fighting for his life. He is hospitalized and in critical condition in the Joe DiMaggio Pediatric Hospital in Hollywood. He was flown there 2 weeks ago from NCH. The are not 100% sure, but  seem to feel that he has a very serious primary immune deficiency disease that is very very rare. (He has now been diagnosed with SCIDS the "Bubble Boy" disease)
He has been in intensive care for over a week now and although he is beginning to stabilize a bit, he is still in trouble. Due to this very rare condition he has developed PCP Pneumonia which has been inhibiting his recovery. Amy and Hussam have been staying almost 24 hours a day in his room, and have had some very difficult moments in the past few weeks. In addition, they have both had to take leave from their jobs, and have had to leave their other son Andrew with family members while trying to get him started in school."
Here is where we can help. The hospital has told Amy and her husband that their baby needs a bone marrow transplant right now. The cost is over $30,000 and insurance will cover none of it.  Sue is setting up a fund today and beginning a campaign to raise the money for this little baby.  I will post the bank information later today or early tomorrow.  Please check back.
Please say a prayer for little Adam and pray that he can fight this through. Maybe if we all do that, he will have a fighting chance.


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