Black Electrical Tape

“A Very Bright House.” That is what my hubby said when we were scouring the Naples area for the perfect house to build.  “Something bright and cheerful, nothing too dark.”  He reiterated this many times.  Finally, after searching for weeks, we found the house. Open floor plan with lots of light.  It was perfect.  We spent thousands of dollars building this perfect house.  We love it. It is bright and cheerful.  We have been there 10 years this month.  Perfectly bright. Or so I thought.  I told you all that, so you understand what comes next in this story.


Several years ago, I noticed something unusual about our bedroom.  It was nighttime and I had turned off the lamp to go to sleep.  I looked up at the VCR to see what time it was.  There was no time.  There was no channel. There was no blinking 12, 12, 12, 12, 12…well, you get the idea.  I checked the cable box.  Funny, it had no LED lights either. No time, no power, nothing.  I checked the wall air conditioner ( I have that due to my “Personal Summers”, but that is a story for another time).  The air conditioner had no lights either.  It should show the temperature and fan speed. But nada.Nothing. Bubkiss.  I had to get closer to see what is wrong.  Did we loose power? No, the air conditioner is running. My lamp was just on.  Maybe a circuit blew and only those few items lost power.  I looked over to my hubby’s side of the bed. I couldn’t see the alarm clock.  I did sort of see a glow on his night stand.  I went to check it out.  Ohhhh, he put it face down.  Hmmmm, that is interesting. 


Back to the air conditioner.  I went up to it and checked to see if it was on. It was humming right along, no problem. But why were there no lights on it.  As I moved in really close and touched the place where the temperature “should” be, I felt it.  It felt like tape of some sort.  I HAD to put a light on. As I put on my lamp, I saw it.  Black Electrical Tape.  It covered every single part of any electrical device in our bedroom that had any type of LED display.  No time, no temperature, no channel display, no power indicators. Nothing. Nada. Bubkiss. 


Why? Why would he do this?  I found out from him that the room was “too bright” he couldn’t sleep.  He had to cover all the displays.  I asked him if he tried “Insta-dark”. He replied “I don’t know what that is.”  I told him to CLOSE YOUR EYES!  It works like a charm.  Anyway, here it is about 5 years later and guess what? We still have black electrical tape over everything.  We also have dark curtains drawn most all the time.  If I open the blinds, he says it is too hot for that and to close them.  


So all this leads me to a question…Why did we want a bright and cheerful house again? I forgot. 


But seriously, today we have been married for 22 years.  The absolute, positive, best years of my life and I wouldn’t trade them for a thing.  Except maybe another roll of black electrical tape.   It sure is bright in the house. 


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