Tipsy is home again

Mom "rented" our kitten again this past weekend.  She let me have her back last night.  She is such a cutie pie.  She even likes to use the computer. She entered a meeting for hubby. I think it was called VGGSDDFGGGDDG. I hope he knows what that is.  I sure don’t. I don’t speak kitten.
This has nothing to do with what I just typed, but just so everyone knows, I really hate business insurance stuff.  That is all I will say about that.
Hubby has started teaching his DARE and Junior Deputy classes this year. He loves doing that. I’m so happy for him.  The kids love him too.  Unfortunately, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement want to stop funding the DARE program.  It appears that Collier County will not be part of the DARE program anymore.  That would be a shame.  It all stems from the budget cuts coming from our new Governor in Florida.   Apparently, he wants everyone to cut their budgets and FDLE decided DARE was ripe for the cutting.  It is a shame because many of these children only get drug education through any other means except DARE.  It builds a rapport with the students and the deputy that is worth every dime we put into this program.  Children learn to respect deputies and have positive role models.  We are starting a letter-writing campaign to the FDLE and the Governor to keep the DARE program. 
Save DARE!

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