Power of Family

The frantic calls began around 6:45pm. First my mom called. "Jessica is going to be on the "Power of 10"." Who? Jessica? Who is Jessica? I say. "Jessica!" My mom repeats a little louder. As if saying it again and louder will force my tired brain to realize who Jessica is.  "How do I know Jessica?" I try this in hopes she will give me more to go on.  "You know,,, Jessica!"  Ok, that didn’t work. Lets try another tactic. "Is she a friend of yours?"  "NO! the one that got married last year! in Pittsburgh!"  Oh oh oh oh, I get it. Barb and Howard’s niece Jessica! My Brother-in-law’s niece. Now it sinks in.  Then I realize what she just said "They are going to be on Power of 10??? Cool. When?"  "Tonight" she screams.  Oh my. You would think they would have told us a little earlier than the day of the airring.  Ok, I’ll watch it. 
While I am talking with my mother, my cell phone rings. Hubby answers.  I hear him say "Jessica who?" oh dear. This will take longer. I hear my sister Barbara on the other end trying to make him understand.  He finally says "Yes, your mom is telling Sharon about that right now"  "Mom is telling her!" Barb says. I then hear this excchange
Barb: My Mom?
Hubby: Your mom
Barb: My mom?
Hubby: Your mom 
Barb: You are talking about my mom?
Hubby: Yes, we are talking about your mom.
I would type this again and again, but my fingers are tired.  It appears Barb had told mom to call my brothers and she would call me.  I don’t think mom ever called my brothers.  Oh well.
Then I hung up and the phone rang again. Sister Kathy this time. "did you hear Jessica and Mark are going to be on Power of 10?"  After this call Barry took the phones off the hook so he could finish watching "Die Hard". 
So instead of phone calls, I IM’d my sister to discuss the show.  Power of 10 started, but "Die Hard" was still on. So Kathy kept me up-to-date on the show. "No, Jessica not on yet" ok. "Oh, what percentage of Americans think they are beautiful?"  I have no clue.  At that point Die Hard was over.  Whew!
Just in time. Here come Mark from Pittsburgh. He answered 3 of the 5 first questions better than his opponent, he actually got 2 exactly right!  Now it is off for big money. Hey, there is Jessica!  Hi Jessica!  Good luck.
Three questions later, and Mark has $100,000! Go Mark!  Jessica begs him to stop there.  He considers going for the million.  She begs some more.  Good TV.  He stays with the 100,000. Excellent.  The flurry of calls begin again. 
That was a fun night.

One response to “Power of Family

  1. If I’d gotten this call I’d not only had to have asked who is Jessica, but what in the world is the Power of 10. 

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