Transplant News

I recieved a call from Sue this morning (the aunt of Baby Adam) and here is the update on the transplant:
"I just talked to Steve (grandpa of baby) and all is going well. Amy (mom) is in a seperate room, isolated, with a window in it so Steve and Hussam (dad) can see her. She is in a chair and is essentially like "giving blood". Steve says she is in good spirits and doing well. Her blood is being processed (the explanation of that would take the rest of this page up) and then will be administered into Adam. Adam is doing well, in a hospital crib. Steve and Hussam were with him when I was on the phone and he was smiling and very animated. They will begin to put Amy’s good blood into Adam, and take Adams blood out and that process will go into the night.
I’m sure I’ll get updates and I will let everyone know as time goes on. Dr. said now comes the hard part. It could take up to 30 days to know if Adam’s body will accept this whole procedure. It will take 90 days before he could possibly go home."
So far we have raised over $30,000.  With a lot more to go. check out to donate or for more information. 

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