Update from Adam’s Grandpa

This is directly from an email I received from Adam’s grandpa Steve:
"The saga continues; I just returned from Miami with Hussam; Unfortunately Amy and Adam must remain at the hospital for an additional 12 hours for observation; Both are doing very well and the Stem Cell Transfer was completed at approximately 12:30am. Both Amy and Adam started their day off at 7:00am on Tuesday. Amy completed her Stem Cell/Bone Marrow procedure at Approximately 2:00pm . Their doctor , Dr. Kliner personally picked up Amy’s stem cells and plasma and rushed them to the lab for safe keeping. Adam in the meantime was with his Dad giving blood all day and being re-examined by many different Docter’s.Amy and I joined up with Hussam and Adam sometime around 2:30pm. The green light was on and Dr. Kliner informed us that he needed to run a few more test on Adam and also started the little guy on more antibiotics and finally around 12:30am today they started giving Adam Amy’s stem cells under the watch full eye of Dr. Kliner and his wonderful staff and of course Mommy and Daddy. I’ve had the pleasure of observing these two young adults as well as Adam and Andrew very closely over the last few months and the words that come to  to mind are courageous, loving and unbelievable. What this young family has endured over the past few months can not be described , they have endured and given me inspiration every moment. All of your prayers and wishes are so appreciated by them. Special Thanks to my wonderful sis Sue for her relentless pursuit of additional  funds, and Ms. Ardrey(who i’ve never met) and a special big thanks to my Denise for the wonderfull attention she is providing to Andrew as he tries to cope with this whole ordeal. Finally to Amy , Hussam and Adam you have made us all so proud, You are the hero’s. "

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