Adam Update from Steve Tozier (grandpa) and Amy (mom)

Below is an email from Steve

Sorry for the delay in updating regarding the latest news from Amy and Adam. They have been in the intensive care unit at Jackson Memorial since yesterday at about 9:00am. Adam has been vomiting about every two hours and his doctor believes it has something to do with sodium levels being too low. Amy has been a real soldier and Adam, in between these bouts is a happy camper. Our hero for the day has to be Hussam who decided Amy needed a relief and after working all day drove to Miami tonight and provided  Amy with some overdue relief. He arrived at about 7:00pm and sent Amy back to her room for a shower, change of clothes and a well deserved break. Hussam stayed the night with Adam and drove back in the morning for work. I must tell you all, these are trying times for us all but the trying times are truly with these young, strong-willed couple. All of your prayers, efforts, and encouragements are needed and so much appreciated. On another  front, Amy and Hussam are not satisfied with the quality of the patient care at this hospital. I have been in touch with the social worker assigned to Adam as well as the Hospital Administrator regarding patient care at this facility. We need to see major improvements or we will exercise our option to transfer the treatment of Adam to another facility. Amy and Hussam will be discussing their options with their doctors and will follow their advice. Again my heartfelt appreciation to all of my family and friends for your support and prayers.
Not to be forgotten in all our craziness Andrew is doing awesome , he has flag football on Wednesday,Friday’s (Practice) and games on Saturday’s. Monday"s is Soccer night with his best friends Denise and Sierra and we also have Cub Scouts in there somewhere on Thursday’s.He’s a real ticket, in between all this I still have to watch my RED SOX win the pennant. Later !!

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