Sorry for the delay

I know, I know, I haven’t written in a long time. I have never been so busy.  But I must take the time to let you know the most important thing….WE HAVE AIR CONDITIONING!  It works. It really works.  If we set it at 72, it goes to 72. If we set it to 74, guess what?  It goes to 74.  It is like a miracle.  Who knew?  Weigold rocks! Absolutely Rocks! I love them. I recommend them to everyone. Everyone! If you have to move to Naples to use them, do it!  Ok, perhaps that is a little drastic, but they fixed our air conditioning!  Sigh. 


On to other things.  Baby Adam is doing ok. Not great. Just ok. They doctors can’t figure out why his sodium and magnesium are all screwed up.  The hospital isn’t the best place either.  The first room Amy and Adam were placed after he left Intensive Care was one without air conditioning.  I know all about that.  Amy’s dad called the hospital’s administrator.  The administrator went to the room and told the nurses to “turn on the air!”  they replied “it’s broken!” I’m sure they wanted to add “Moron!”  So they moved Amy and the baby to a room with air. 


Fundraising is going well. We have about $50,000 so far. Excellent job!  The Party for Adam on October 21st is going to be fantastic. I hope you can come. Silent auction, door prizes, food, music, games for the kids, and so much more. Be there!


In the midst of working like crazy, the fundraising, husband that can’t walk so I am doing all household chores, I decided to have the office painted this weekend. That would be fine as I am not doing the painting, but I have to remove the wallpaper border and spackled and then sand before Saturday morning. Someone hit me next time I do that ok?


See ya!


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