Wild Weekend

What a weekend!  The Halloween party at St. Elizabeth Seaton was so much fun.  Hubby and I were going as a convict (him) and a cop (me). We thought the kids would like to see their deputy on the other side of the law.  However, when hubby put on the jumbsuit and the wig (he wanted to be sure the kids wouldn’t know him right off the bat) and his sunglasses, something weird happened.  He walked into the bathroom to see what I thought, I am almost gasped!  OZZIE OSBORNE! You look just like Ozzie Osborne. How did that happen?  Really, just like him. It was weird. Spooky. Espcially since my name is Sharon.  Ew. so, from being a regular everyday convict, to a celebrity convict. How fitting. They all seem to be getting thrown in jail these days. So hubby added an English accent and off we went. Sure enough, as soon as we walked in the door to the school, parents started saying "you look just like Ozzie Osborne".  the kids had no idea who Ozzie is, but it was fun for us old timers.
Sunday was a trip to Octoberfest.  That was a lot of fun too. Too much food, too much drink. But fun. German music, german food, shots of german vodka. Lots of fun.  Then we decorated for Halloween. Spooky, very spooky.  We helped find a lost dog for our neighbor. Her name is Dash. But she doesn’t Dash much anymore. Old pup. She got out of her collar and took off (not running) but got away anyway.  She jumped into another neighbor’s car and wouldn’t get out. I guess she was going on the lamb.  But we got her home.  So cute.

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