We love the “Little Beggers”

Halloween was great! We had about 50 kids. Even with the rain and wind.  Excellent turn out.  The pop-up mummy was a hit. Scared a ton of those "little beggers".  Ozzie Osborne scared some people too, he sat on the bench out front and jumped up when the kids and parents got to the front door.  Heehee.
We had a lot of visitors too. Carol and Don, Richard and Sabine, a friend of Barry’s who will remain nameless as he was supposed to be at another development (nuf said), Eric, and Frasier too. Frasier is so funny. He is our 10-year-old nephew. As soon as he came in and saw Barry’s coworker he asked "Can I see your Taser?"  Not even a hi.  So funny.  He helped give out candy and generally run around all evening as he ate too much candy.  I think he may be going to sleep sometime at noon today along with all the other children in the school system.  Give them tons of candy on a school night. Excellent.  I love Halloween.

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