I love Anesthesia

This is a note from my husband.  He recently was reminded of surgeries he has had in his lifetime, and that brought to mind something he loves about them. Anesthesia.  he is a strange man.  Anyway, below is a note from him to you. Enjoy.
I have had several surgeries (let’s see: wisdom teeth pulled {which is why I lack wisdom}, lumpectomies, heart catheterization), and there is one thing that I have learned…I LOVE ANESTHESIA SLEEP!!!!  There’s nothing better.  You go to sleep for two hours, and you’d swear four days have gone by.  You wake up not knowing where you are, what just happened, what’s going on, NOTHING!!!!  It’s great.    
I remember after one of my wife’s surgeries, she kept asking my for the time.  The conversation went something like this:
"What time is it?"  her
"4 o-clock."  me
"Ok………."What time is it?" her
"4-0-1."  me
"Oh, ok."………"What time is it?" (yes, her again)
By now she’s beginning to bug me.  But, I sweetly say "It’s 4-0-3."
"Ok……….What time is it?" (HER AGAIN)
JEESH!!!!  "It’s 4-0-5."
"What time is it?"
"YOU GOTTA DATE?!?!?"  "Sorry sweety.  It’s still 4-0-5." 
"Oh.  Did I already ask you for the time?"
Somebody kill me!!!!  Better yet, give me some ANESTHESIA! Love that stuff.

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