Dunk Tank Barry

What a great night at the fair! Mom, Barry, and I started with “Fair Food”, which is more than “Fair”.  Barry and I opted for the “walking tacos” which were excellent, and mom had a hot dog.  Then it was time for Dunk Tank Barry.


The line was already forming at 7:55pm to begin dunking Barry at 8:00pm.  I think our nephew Ed spent his entire paycheck on balls.  Everyone was throwing balls at that target. Barry was dunked for the first time before 8:00:01pm.  WOW! Those kids have great aim!  What is up with that?  Why did everyone bring so much money. Money was wired in from Connecticut and Missouri for heaven’s sake!  It was a free-for-all!  He was dunked more than anyone I have ever seen at the dunk tank at St. Elizabeth Seaton Fair.  His DARE and Jr. Deputy kids lined up. Grandma lined up more than once and she sunk him more then once.


Friends from all over the country, wait! All over the World came to dunk him. And boy did they dunk him.  The first 30 minutes was a blur. So many pitches, so many dunks. Barry was laughing so hard. He had a great time. He got a chance to use his Button-Pushing vocabulary for good instead of evil.  By taunting the crowd, he got a lot more people to pay for those balls to dunk him.  I bet he made close to $500 for that school! 




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