The Evil Homeowners

She rides by on her golf cart most weekends, looking for the “evil homeowners”.  You know her, ok, maybe not this particular “her”, but I bet you know one.  You know that person that walks, drives, or rides around your neighborhood bent on finding the violations.  The person that has no other life than to root out the evil homeowners that let their grass get 1mm longer than a Marine’s haircut, or one too many cars in your driveway, or perhaps you planted flowers without permission.  The person that sends you that letter that happens to always arrive in Friday’s mail so it can ruin your weekend. 


Our “person with no life that hates the world” happens to ride around in a golf cart.  Saturday was her day to ride down our road.  Buster really dislikes the golf cart lady. I was outside with the dogs throwing a Frisbee with Sock and Buster was just laying around in the sun.  The dogs were both on leashes, long leashes, but still leashed.  As Golf Cart lady came down our street, I saw Buster’s cockles rise.  I saw him tail stand straight up. I saw his anger at her.  I made sure to grab the leash a little tighter.  He growled as she went by, but didn’t move.  She gave us the evil eye. I don’t think she has any other look besides “I wish you would all move out of MY NEIGHBORHOOD”  She does that look well.


Our street is a Cul-de-sac.  Golf Cart lady has to come back.  Hubby comes out of the house after she went by once and I warned him she would be coming back.  Here she comes….I hold Buster tight. As she comes closer to the house, Buster really gets annoyed.  Hubby tells the lady she is allowed to smile once in a while. This sets Buster off.  He charges the golf cart!  Oooops.  Oh dear, leash ripping through my fingers now, I grip tighter. Leash tearing away flesh. I re-grip.  Loosing a finger at this point.  Pain too much. I let go. Buster tears after cart.  He didn’t get too close, or bite or anything, just chased her as if to say “get out of MY NEIGHBORHOOD!”  And then he came trotting back.  Hubby was annoyed with him and locked Buster in the office for a while.  I think it was worth it.


I wonder what our letter will say? It should come Friday afternoon.


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