Lets start with Thanksgiving

So much to tell, but not much time.  I’m very busy today.
Thanksgiving was great! My niece throws a good buffet.  We ate, played games, and had a wonderful time.  I spent a little time helping my Sister-in-law find her family tree information.  Her mother had given me some information, but I didn’t have her grandfather’s name on her father’s side.  So she asked her mother for her father’s father’s name.  She didn’t understand the question.  My SIL tried again. "MY grandfather"  Her mother told her her father’s name. "No, my SIL said, on Dad’s side".  She didn’t understand. After trying a few more times her mom understood.  Ohhhhhhh, Oh, honey, he was ALL dead. ALL dead?  She just said ALL dead.  What does that mean?  How are you just a little dead.  Dead head? Dead to the world. Not sure. But anyway, he was ALL dead.

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