The Internet is a Wonderful Thing

I had been searching for information on my father’s military service for the past few months.  I found a website that is all about his particular unit and squadron.  It was amazing.  They have a group that still meet every year. I was pleased to see they have a newsletter too. I submitted a letter to the newsletter asking for any information on my father, Paul Roadman who flew with the 455th 741st in WWII. They flew on the B24 bombers. 
Friday night at 9pm, Arthur Johnson left a voice mail at my work phone.  he had received the newsletter and saw my note.  He was thrilled to see it. He had been looking for Paul Roadman for years.  He flew with my dad in WWII. They trained at Langley field together and flew on the same plane to Italy back in September of 1943. Amazing!  He said he has photos and stories he will share and email to me.  He is such a nice man. He has stayed in touch with many of the group they flew together back in the war.  The only 2 still alive from my father’s unit are Arthur and the navigator, Klein.  I was so glad to hear from Arthur and I can’t wait to hear more stories about my dad.
Arthur ended our call by telling me that my father was a great man and a great soldier.  I think I finally stopped crying about 2 minutes ago from that call.

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