The Year of the Shars

I am going to try to take care of me this year. I have really let my health really go. I have to remember to take care of me.  If I’m no good, then I can’t help anyone else.  So I have dubbed this the Year of the Shars.  My niece is calling it Y.O.T.S.  I like it!   So far, so good. I give it a week.
Also, today is a cold day. I had the door to the lanai opened this morning (I love the cold). As I was walking through the living room to get my keys (it was time to leave for work), I noticed pools of water all throughout the living room on the tile.  SOCK! Did you go swimming in this cold weather? So I went over and felt her. She was dry as could be. And warm, very warm.  So I continue the search for a cold, wet animal. I followed the puddles, and found a very cold, very wet, shaking kitten. TIPSY! What did you do?  Somehow she fell in the pool. Of all the days to pick to fall in the pool. The coldest day we have had in 2 years.  Poor little girl.  Needless to say I was late for work as I had to dry off the little girl.  I wonder if she learned her lesson. Doubt it, she is a cat.

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