Almost lost the kitten

Sometimes I just don’t think.  I just open the door to walk into our house. Not thinking that a 5lb., three-legged, 7-month old kitten will come running out!  Darn that Cat!  10:30 at night and here we are with flashlights looking for a kitten.  Since cats always come when you call them, Tipsy kept running the oposite direction every time we called her.  Don’t you just love cats?  Then Sock the three-legged dog comes charging out of the door. I guess it didn’t close all the way when we came running out to find a kitten! Great!  However, it turned out pretty great.  The kitten was afraid of the big dog and ran back into the house.  The dog listened and came when we called.  I thought I was tired earlier today.  HA! 
Y.O.T.S. entry:  Tonight was a good food night.  Hubby bought a chicken from Publix and I cooked up some steamed carrots.  Excellent.  Another cup of Green tea ended the day.  All in all, pretty good today.  No excersize again, but tomorrow is another day.

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