First and foremost I must say “goodbye 1312MAC” We are really going to miss you. I LOVED the gator mug.  Take care. Stay Safe.


We leave for TN in a couple of weeks. We are just going for the weekend to see what the land looks like when the trees are devoid of leaves.  It snowed there last night. I hope there is snow on the ground when we go. My sisters are meeting us there, I bet they hope there is no snow on the ground when we go. 


Last night I REALLY, REALLY wanted CHOCOLATE.  I have been doing really well for so many days I was surprised. I have been stressed and overworked, but not craving foods that are bad for me. However, last night, I wanted chocolate.  I couldn’t stop myself. I had about 20 chocolate chips. I finally gave in. I wonder why I had such a craving. Work was no worse than usual lately, the day was crazy, but nothing new. They say you should write down how you feel when you eat. I felt HUNGRY for CHOCOLATE. So there, I wrote it down. I hope that doesn’t happen again.


Take care everyone.  Enjoy your day.


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