TN here we come

We are leaving the Nashville, TN on Saturday at O-Darkthirty in the morning.  The flight leaves at 6:40am. My that is really early. What were we thinking. But it will be fun.


I can’t wait to see family and our land!  We are celebrating my nephew’s birthday while we are there and going to visit our land in Columbia. We wanted to see what it was like in the winter when there are no trees to block the views.


I am doing ok with the new eating plan. I have a new outlook on how to eat food. I want to be a person that eats to live. Instead of the Live to Eat lady I have always been.  Food isn’t to be my medication, it is for fueling my body. It helps my body run right, to feel good.  I want to eat this way for the rest of my life.  Healthy and strong.  Y.O.T.S.




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