UPDATE: This show "Dexter" has been on Showtme for 2 years. 2 years!  People like this concept enough to keep it going for 2 years!  Oh my what have we become.



Ew Ew and Double Ew. Who came up with the bright idea of having a TV show about a Serial killer? I saw the previews for Dexter and the announcer said something about “who better to investigate Serial killings than a Serial Killer?  I thought “Can’t be”  They wouldn’t make the lead of this show a killer? Glorify Serial Killing?  So we taped the first episode. THEY ARE GLORIFYING A SERIAL KILLER!!!  This Dexter yahoo investigates the killings, tracks the people doing the killing, then he kills them.  Yes, that is right folks, hunt and kill, that is what this TV show’s lead character does.  They showed flashbacks and apparently his father gave him this brilliant idea.  Good ole’ dad knew the kid liked to kill things from early on, so he teaches him how to “harness his need to kill. To use it for good.”  GOOD? It is good to kill people? What if he gets it wrong? Thinks one person did the crime, so he chops them up into bits, but oops! Wrong person.  So sorry family. I just chopped up your daddy!  EWEWEWEWEW.  We didn’t finish watching. Just tooo disgusting. 


I’m getting off my soapbox now and putting it in the corner until next time.



One response to “Ew

  1. It’s actually kind of cool, but too watered down on CBS.

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