Getting a cat out of a paper bag

Wow! We have a garage again!  Everything that we were storing for the yard sale is gone.  Woohoo! We had a wonderful friend come over and help with the yard sale on both days. Then, to top that off, she cleaned the garage. She labeled drawers, swept, vacuumed, dusted, threw away, and so much more.  I was so happy. We have good friends.  We sold a lot and we gave a lot away.  But the best part of this whole thing is that we have cleaned the junk from our lives.  No going back.


The healthy lifestyle went well over the weekend and so far this week.  I had to give away a couple of pairs of pants that I got for Christmas. That felt good. They are now too big.  I exercised on Saturday afternoon even after getting up at 4:30am to start this garage sale.  I worked out two times yesterday. Once at 6:00am and once after work. Kicking it up a notch. 


On to the funny part of the garage sale (funny to me, but perhaps not to the kitten) Sometime during Sunday’s sale, the kitten found a paper bag with handles and she started to play with it. I would go in periodically and find her inside the bag, our outside of it batting it around.  I went in to check on the “kids” around 10:00am and found that kitten on the bed. I looked closely at her. She looked weird. I couldn’t figure out what it was, but something just wasn’t right.  I moved in closer.  She had something around her neck.  There was something behind her head as well. As I got even closer I noticed it was part of that paper bag.  The handle was around her neck and a piece of the bag was still attached to it so it kind of looked like a brown halo around her head.  She was a sleep so I guess she didn’t care much.  I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.  That woke her up. Then she looked unhappy. I was laughing at her.  Then I picked her up and that bag was just sticking up behind her head with the handle around her neck (not choking her don’t write me animal friends). I just couldn’t stop laughing.  I took her outside to show the hubby and friends.  That really made the kitten angry. Bad enough she looks stupid, but to show her around??? Not good.  She will slice me up later.


I showed her to hubby and his friend and they said “Oh yeah, we saw that earlier when we were in the house. We couldn’t stop laughing.”  Wait a minute.  You saw this?  You let her stay with this thing on her? You didn’t take it off. Worse yet, you didn’t call me to show me earlier????  So I took it off the little girl. She went back in the house to plot her revenge.



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