How can that be?

My sister go in on time last night from CT to FL.  Excellent. Flight was on time. Packed. But on time and smooth sailing.  We had no problem finding a parking space right near the terminal doors.  After she got off the plain, we went down to baggage claim to wait for her bag. She is only here for a long weekend, but she still has to check her bag as she can’t really lift it to put it in the overhead bins.  Her balance isn’t what it used to be.  However, that is no problem. It won’t take long to get her one little bag.  Since the flight was so packed (there was even an entire baseball team on the flight) we had a crowd of people hovering around the baggage belt. We didn’t mind, we just stood and waited.  He helped other people get their bags that looked like the needed assistance.  We thought we spotted Barb’s bag at one point and picked up the bag. Boy were we wrong. A lady ran up and just about hollered "THAT’S MINE"  Grabbed it and ran out the door. Ok. Got it lady. Not our bag.
We watched the old people get their bags, the entire baseball team get their bags, the spring breakers, the families with small children and enough luggage to stay for 3 years on vacation.  We watch people come and people go. Everyone is happy starting a vacation in sunny florida.  We are still standing by the belt.  There are only 5 bags left now.  Just 5.  There are only 3 people left standing by the belt.  The belt stops.  The quiet is deafening.  The three of us look at each other. Almost in unison we say "UH OH.  That isn’t good."  We start looking at other people’s luggage. Are you sure that isn’t yours? I ask Barb.  Nope. Not mine. 
We begin the walk down to the "You lost our luggage on a straight-through flight" office.  We walked up to the counter and gave the nice lady all of Barb’s information.  She said they probably had a weight limit and left the bag out as it was a full flight.  ONE BAG made that much difference?  What did you pack Barb?  Anyway, there was nothing more we could do, so we headed out to Naples.
Luckily, this morning at 8:15am, we got the call that her luggage was now in Florida and it would be delivered to our door later today.  Whew.  Thank heavens.  Still want to know how that can be that you can lose a piece of luggage on a flight that made no stops between CT and FL. 

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