Flies in the Ointment

Ok, well maybe it is "Flies in the bathroom".  We have flies in our bathroom. Lots of them. Dead. Dying. But nonetheless, they are flies. I don’t liked flies.  I hate flies.  We have lots of them in our bathroom. We have called the exterminator and he came quickly. However, he has no idea why we have so many dead and dying flies in our bathroom.  Perhaps there is something dead nearby?  So the exterminator and my lovely hubby proceed to tear the bathroom apart to find this supposed "something dead"  Nothing. Nada. Zip. Bubkiss.  However, we still have tons of dead and dying flies in our bathroom.  We also have a bathroom that looks awful because the bathtub is taken apart and tools are all over. It smells nasty since we have been spraying stuff to kill the dying flies. All in all, a wonderful day.
Today the hubby tore apart the garden outside of the bathroom window to try to find the "something dead"  No luck.  Nothing dead.  How are the flies getting in the house? We can’t find any opening.  Soon the whole house will be in little pieces.  We must find this "something dead" that is drawing the flies.  If I find nothing after ripping the whole house down, the exterminator may be the thing.
I hate flies.

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