Better Day

Feeling much better today. Able to eat normal food too. Excellent. 
Did I mention that my husband thought his car had been stolen the other day? He even called his "office" to report it stolen.  He was driving on Immokl. Road the other day and saw what looked like his car in front of him. He was in our SUV coming from an eye doctor appointment.  He saw the green color and what looked a lot like his license plate. So he called it in. Sure enough, the plate came back to him! yikes!  He sped up to get next to that theif! He was still on the phone with his "office" and told them hold on, let me see who is at the wheel!  "Um, never mind." he said.  Since it was ME at the wheel.  I was on my way to my doctor visit. Hubby forgot I had his car. "Never mind." he told them to have a nice day and hung up.

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