Animal Magnatism

I must have a sign, a scent, a face of a dog-lover (or a dog). Last night as we walked the dogs, hubby said "dog!" this is our warning that a person is walking a dog and to hold on to the leashes extra tight.  I looked and looked. I saw no dog. I asked "Where?" 
"Under your feet" came the reply. I looked down. Awwwwww! The cutest little white dog was at my feet.  Then our dogs saw it.  They didnt’ bark or growl, just wanted to get in close.   But they are just too big for that. So hubby took them and I picked up the cute little white dog.  It had a collar and tags.  He even had a cute little bandana around his neck.
I walked around trying to find someone that must have just lost him. But no one was around. I read the tags, but no address was listed.  It listed a website address, so I went home and tried that. However, when I put in the tag number, no record could be found. How can that be? This is the cutest little white dog ever!
Hubby and I drove around the neighborhood for 1 hour trying to find someone looking for a dog. But we found nothing. No one. Zip. Nada. Bubkiss. 
The good thing is that the dog did have a license, so we called Animal Control and gave them the license number.  Unfortunately, it was 10:00pm. We had to reach the on call tech who was relaxing at home. Sorry!  But he found the owner.  We talked to the owner who was quite upset.
Turns out he had just lost his wife and the dog was hers.  He had given the dog away to someone in our neighborhood just yesterday.  And they already let the dog get loose!  He was so angry and upset.  He told us he was coming to take his dog back. Obviously they didnt’ deserve the dog.  Puppy’s name is Cooper.  I’m so glad he is back home. 

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