Drive Through Surgery

My mom is having knee surgery tomorrow. Today we went to the Pre-op tests. Or at least they said it was for pre-op tests.  We waited in the lobby for 30 minutes after filling out some or shall I say mountains of paperwork.  We were called back by the nurse, sat in a room, while she read over the paperwork. She told my mom to not eat after midnight, be at the office at 8:30am, and wear comfortable clothese. Then said "bye"  HUH? That is it? No blood pressure check, no blood work? 
No, she replied, no need.
I said "I do have questions."  Ok, she told me to go ahead.
I wanted to know how long it would take.
The nurse said we would start at 8:30, surgery at 9:30 and we would be leaving at 11:00am.  I asked "Do we get fries with that?"
Nurse didn’t get it.
She is going under general anesthesia and is only going to be there for 2 hours?  Is this hospital part of McDonalds?  Holy cow. I hope they know what they are doing. 
And "can I have the hot apple pie?"

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