Dog Day Afternoon

Saturday was the best day we have had in a long time. We took the dogs to "Soggy Doggy" at a local park. A fantastic time was had by all.  Check out our story in the Naples Daily News today. Sock is famous.  Buster is her manager.  He gets 10% off the top. 


Sock won the "Best Tail Wag" competition, she missed out on the retrieval competition as she was getting interviewed by the paper at that time.


Buster was outed!  He DOES like water. He ran and frolicked like crazy!  Yes, he likes to frolic. What can we say?  He is a little metro-sexual. 


They had food for dogs, games, lots of prizes, even an egg hunt! Sock found 4 eggs. Buster had so much fun he threw up. Always a sign that the kids are having a ton of fun.  He got right back in the water and started to play again. It didn’t hold him back.  We bought the “kids” a new Frisbee to play with in the lake. For $18 we figured it would last.  Probably will last too, for whoever took it home after we forgot it. 


The animal services and park people said they may have this event every month!  Boy do our “kids” hope so. Us too. We had so much fun. Check out the story in the paper, I added a link below.




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