Ok Ok! Stop Yelling. Here is “The Rest of the Story”

Rain:  As the plane was coming in for the landing in Richmond, VA, the pilot informed everyone that the weather was 60 and raining.  Both Barry and I yelled" WOOHOO!" People stared.  What? We live in "sunny" Florida where the sun is shining 350 days of the year.  It was a lovely break to see rain and feel cold.
Busch Gardens:  We stopped first at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg.  Fantastic place.  It was cold and raining and not busy at all.  There were no lines for rides, although that didn’t matter much as we are too old for rides anymore.  This was proven by the green hue that covered Barry’s face after the boat ride.  It was the boat the swings back and forth (didn’t even go upside down like Tampa) and he was so ill after that he couldn’t even drink a beer.  That is bad.  But I rode roller coaster called "The Big Bad Wolf" it went over a river and through the woods (names bad sense after I rode it).  I had a great time.  After that Barry was able to drink a beer and life was good again.  We walked around and looked at all the great animals. It was a wonderful start to our vacation.
TimeShare: The drive to the hotel should have been about 10 minutes to the Marriot Timeshare.  However, the wonderful woman that lives inside the GPS navigator took us promptly to the Service Entrance to the place.  It was 8:00pm and the service entrance was closed!  Great. We tried to continue on the road hoping there was another entrance and she would "recalculate", but she didn’t.  She kept taking us to gated entrances that had no one at the gate.  I wanted to throw this lady inside the GPS out the window but Barry reminded me it was rented.  Fine.  I just threw her in the glove compartment.
We found a nice man walking his dog and he told us how to get to the Marriot Ford’s Manner entrance.  Yea!  We got there around 9:00pm.  What a fantastic place.  I know how people get roped into buying Timeshares!  This place had a full kitchen, dining room, living room with a fireplace, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, washer and dryer, lanai, jetted tub, need I go on?  I wanted it.  It was worth getting lost.
Jamestown:  On Monday we drove to Jamestown, the first american settlement. It was settled in 1607. The history was amazing.  We saw a ton of the artifacts that have been recovered from that site.  It was cold and raining all day. No one was there. It was great!  I highly recommend anyone with a love of history go here.
Timeshare Sell time:  Tuesday was our day to pay the penance for 2 free nights in this timeshare.  We had a 90 minute presentation on why we should buy a Marriott Timeshare.  It wasn’t high pressure, it was kind of fun.  We wish we could afford one. It seems like a nice idea for people that love to travel.
We spent the rest of this day walking in the rain (yes rainy and cold again) and napping in front of the fire.
Williamsburg:  Wed. was our day to explore Williamsburg, VA.  Another wonderful place especially if you love history.  We walked about 6 miles all over that town.  We saw the capital, Governor’s mansion, Jail, Courthouse, taverns, cabinet makers, and so much more.  I loved this place!  I highly recommend it. 
On the way back to the hotel from Williamsburg, we stopped at a restaurant called "The Jefferson"  Named after the famous Virginian, Thomas Jefferson.  We had a wonderfully sweet server named Rudy.  He had me try the Peanut Soup.  WOW! I never had Peanut Soup. Again, I highly recommend it.  Then the owners came in for dinner. They sat at the table next to us so we had a great time chatting with them.  My dinner was the Virginian Special, it consisted of Virginia Ham, Sausage, Chicken, cornbreak stuffing, covered in a raisin gravy.  Did I mention my healthy eating plan disappeared for a week?  Don’t worry, it is back now.
Great dinner. If you are in Williamsburg, go to the Jefferson for dinner. 
Birds:  We saw so many birds while up there. I am going to post some pictures later so you can see them. Geese, Osprey, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Sparrows, Robins (Yes, they were rocking). I loved it!  Swans too!
Now for the final part of the trip, Alvis:  Coming back from VA, we were on our connecting flight in NC, Barry and I were already seated, when a man with an Elvis Harido came onto the plane.  The side burns and everything.  He was probably in his Mid 50s, didn’t look anything like Elvis except his hair style.  We wondered why he wanted to where his hair that way when he didn’t otherwise look like "The King". 
So after the flight, we were waiting at Baggage claim in Ft. Myers, when a red bag with the word "ALVIS" came out of the chute.  We chuckled and said "probably belongs to that guy with the sideburns.  Not really thinking that, as that would be justtoo weird and a tad funny.  We said "do you think it could?"  "I don’t know, lets watch who picks it up."  So we watching it move down the belt until a man grabbed it up.  Yes, it was the Elvis hairdo man, apparently, he calls himself ALVIS.  We almost missed picking up our own luggage as we were laughing too hard to see straight.
Alvis has left the baggage claim, thank you and good night.

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