Last SCUBA pool night is over

Last night was our "last night" in the pool for SCUBA lessons.  The next time we put on all that gear will be when they "toss" us to the sharks. I hope that isn’t literal.  We will be going to the Keys on May 10th and 11th for our Open Water testing and certification. I’m a little nervous.  Last night was much better though.  We finally seemed to be getting the hang of all the stuff and how to work it.  We didn’t feel nearly as tense (I think it was the substitute teacher we had Monday night that added to our anxiety).  We even had a little fun. We got to swim around and go through hoops to test our buoyancy.  That was a lot of fun.  Barry and I did great on  our drills.  Next we begin to study for our written exam next week. Wish us luck! 



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