I Need a Hero! Oh Wait, I have Two!

Hubby and I were studying for our SCUBA written exam on Sunday, when our neighbor, Richard, called hubby’s cell phone. Before he could pick it up, it stopped ringing. Almost immediately, our house phone started ringing. He grabbed the phone and heard Richard say “I need your help with a sworn statement”.  Hubby assumed this was a joke (the neighbor is a jokester), he told Barry he was right outside the door. So Barry went to the door, opened it, assuming he would see Richard with a dog just for a visit. But he had a Sheriff’s office sworn statement form in his hand. He was serious.


When he came into the house he told us the story about what happened. 


Richard and his wife were driving home from Home Depot. As they rounded the corner on to our street, he heard a woman screaming. He looked toward the scream and saw another neighbor in her garage. She was screaming “HE was in my HOUSE!”  Richard saw a young man running out of the house, jump on a bicycle and ride away.  Richard followed in his van.  He followed him a few houses away. The guy started to ride between houses so Richard got out of his van and started to run after him. He decided he may be able to cut him off with his van, so he went back to it and drove down the street (where these yards would come out). He was able to jump out of his van, run and catch the burglar.  He held on to him asking him why he would break into someone’s house.  The guy said he was “Just thirsty” and wanted a drink. (I suppose a drink was in this lady’s purse).  Richard told him that every house has a hose or spigot outside, he could drink from that.  Then the suspect (I’m married to a cop, can you tell)…then the suspect broke away and started running again. Richard hopped back into his van to cut him off again. However, the Sheriff’s office showed up then and told him they would search for the suspect and that he should go home and fill out his sworn statement. He had a goo description of the suspect: White, dark hair, black tank top, long shorts, boots, and bumps on his arms.


That is when Richard came down to our house to fill out the form. Barry and I helped him get what happened down on paper.  About 1 hour later, we had the report finished and a deputy from the Sheriff’s Office came to pick it up. Richard left to go home and rest (quite an active day!)  Shortly after he left, he called again.  The sheriff’s Office just called him and said they think they had the suspect.  He was in the industrial park near our house.  Barry and I picked up Richard, the Sheriff’ Office picked up the victim from her house and we all headed over to the industrial park.  As soon as we pulled up to the location, Richard said “that is him”  Apparently, the victim said the same thing. The guy looked to be about 18 – 20, white, dark hair, black tank top, tan shorts..just as Richard had described.  The suspect was loaded in to a police car and carted off to jail.  Just another day in our lovely little neighborhood. 


It is so good to know people like Richard. He never hesitated to help someone in need. Even if it would have put his life at risk.  This is what my husband does every day.  They are heroes.  I’m so glad the world has people like this. I’m so honored I have both of them in my life.


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