The Rest of the Story

I went to lunch at Gina’s on Monday after the burglary incident, and told the owner and her daughters about the big event!  I was halfway through the story when one of her daughter’s said “That was the guy I saw!”


She said that on Sunday when she was closing up the restaurant on Sunday she saw a young kid who looked very suspicious.  She watched him continually look behind her and then he started looking in to cars and businesses.  She didn’t think that was right so she called 911 and told them about it.  She followed him for quite a while and told the dispatcher where they could find this kid. He was in a black tank top, shorts, and had dark hair.  Turned out that it was her call that led deputies to his location and resulted in his arrest.


It is so cool how the neighborhood and neighborhood businesses worked together to put a bad guy behind bars.





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