“How was my day?” “Don’t Ask”

I already told you about the ticket I got yesterday, but wait! There is more.
I started to get a pain in my shoulder around 11am. By 5pm, I couldn’t move my arm. Great.
I got the ticket on the way home.
When I was making dinner, I dropped my favorite Doughboy mug. It broke into 3,000 pieces.
I know there was something else, but I can’t remember it right now.
Then, when hubby took out the dogs, the little Boston Terrier next door (that always barks), came running out of his garage, unleashed, and started attacking our dogs.
They defended themselves, by barking and snarling, and snapping, but didn’t bite the little thing.
His owner, the one that complained that Buster bit her dog 2.5 years ago that never happened, tried to run around to capture her crazy dog. She finally wrestled him to the ground and carried him inside.  I can’t wait to see how she spins this one. I took pictures of our dogs, no blood on them, we saw no blood on her attack dog, nobody was hurt. But just to clarify, our dogs were leashed, hers was not!

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