Think Again

I thought the speed limit was 35. I really did. I was coming home from work, driving down a street I have been on many times, when I was waved over. It wasn’t a friendly "Hey! I know you! Hi, stop!"  No, No. It was the wild waving hand (holding a radar gun) of a uniformed deputy. crap. I was doing 40. The speed limit is 35. I’m sure of it. At least I "think" I a sure of it.  I roll down the window and he said "You were doing 41!" Correct. I was. Then I look up. I’m parked about 30 feet from the TWENTY FIVE MPH sign! crap again. Really? Who knew? Is that new? Oh well. I was speeding then. "License, registration, and insurance card." ok. I get the lic. registration, but I can only find the old insurance. triple crap.  I had it out earlier when I had to get the STUPID bar code sticker for my car now that our STUPID developer put in a 24 hour manned gate!  IT DOESN’T DETER CRIME. (but I must get back to my ticket). He takes my stuff as I continue to look for the right insurance card.  I call my husband (the deputy) and tell him. He wasn’t real happy with me.  Oh well. I was speeding. I will take my ticket and deal with it.  I hang up.  The deputy comes back with my lovely ticket. They print them off a computer now. Very easy to read the 185.50! !!!!  WHAT?  185.50???  If you think I liked that? If you think deputy’s families don’t get tickets? If you think I will ever assume a speed limit again???

One response to “Think Again

  1. Even if it was 35, you were still speeding at 41.  What’s the difference?

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