MEN and woMEN can get confusing

There is much to tell about this trip to MO. Nephew’s graduation, great party, Branson, 50s, being sung to, Jim Stafford (he is so funny), Irish Tenors and "OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH!, shopping trips, mini golf (I don’t cheat), and great food.
However, the best part may have been today at our last show in Branson, MO.  We went to 50s at the Hop!  Before the show, mom had to use the restroom. I needed to get my camera out of the car so I mentioned to my sister "Watch mom. I’ll be right back."  When I came back from the car with my camera, my sisters were in the gift shop without mom.  "Where’s mom." "I guess still in the bathroom."  So I wait for a while, but mom doesn’t come back.  I go into the restroom and call for her. She doesn’t answer.  Weird. I go back into the gift shop. "are you sure she went to the restroom." "yes!" I’m told.  Ok, I go back to look. At that moment, our mother comes out of the MEN’S room! huh?  She said "I didn’t know I was in the men’s room."  Wait. Hold on. Didn’t you go into the restroom with MY SISTERS!  Didn’t you watch our mother???? "How long was I suppopsed to watch her?"  Um, the Whole time I was gone?  Perhaps?  "I thought she could read!"  I asked if they had went into the restroom with her.  "well, we went to the restroom, but we thought she had already gone into the restroom before us."  Not to worry, mom said, I have seen it all before. Apparently, when she went into the Mens room, there was no one there. But Once they started coming in, she left.  Good to know.

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