We arrived into MO at around 9:00pm on Friday.  We thought my sister was going to be there to pick us up, but my BIL (the one that was in Iraq) surprised us at the airport to get us.  It was very good to see him.

Saturday started out early.  We had to get the food ready, clean the house, and shop for food.  My sister, Kathy, and I went to the grocery store for some last minute items.  I got a call on my cell phone while en route.  My nephew (the one that graduated and the reason we were there) was on the line.  He just wanted to wrap me around his finger let me know that my husband would love to play Xbox360 with him, but He didn’t have 2 controllers for his Xbox 360 (he made sure to mention that 3 times).  He then proceeded to inform me that he was graduating that day and there was a party for him too.  He thought I should also know that he would love to play MLB 2008 on his Xbox360, but he didn’t have that game.  He thought it was sad that he couldn’t play Xbox360 with his favorite uncle (my husband) because he didn’t have 2 controllers.  Anyone seeing the plan here?  Ok, Kathy, please don’t go straight to the grocery store, please go to Target as I think they have Xbox360 controllers and the MLB game there.  I’m so wrapped.


The graduation was great. We are so proud of our nephew. He had so many awards and honors. It was great.  When they asked all the students who were going straight in to the military and he stood up, I had Goosebumps and tears of pride for him.


The party was fantastic. The food was great, people were fun, we had a blast. I will post pictures soon.


The next day (Sunday) we went to church then left for Branson and lots of shows. More to come on that.



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