Route 66

On our way to Branson from MO, we saw Route 66. We almost got off the exit to "get our kicks", but kept on trucking.  What made me think of that today?  I have 66 views on this blog today.  I don’t even know 66 people.  I barely know 6 people.  I’m sure only about 6 people know me.  I don’t even think 6 people like me.  How in the world are 66 people viewing this blog today?  Well, hello everyone. I hope you enjoy.
I don’t have any interesting stories, or fun anecdotes to share today.  I signed up for my traffic school on line and will take the test next week.  I will be in Microsoft Tech-Ed all next week too. I love that training.  Barry comes along and enjoys 1 week of vacation.  He reads, sleeps, works out, goes to Sea World, and generally  has a grat time.  On Thursday night, Microsoft throws a party for all us Geeks.  They close Universal Studios to everyone but the "Geeks" and "Spouse of Geek".  We get to ride all the rides, eat all the food, and drink all the drink we can!  You haven’t seen anything until you see 5,000 computer geeks party like Vista never was released! (non geeks won’t get that).
Good night to my 66 fans! Talk to you tomorrow!

One response to “Route 66

  1. Our hotel in Flagstaff was on Route 66.

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