I think I was had

I just went to cash a check before I leave town on Sunday. While at the drive through teller line at the bank I noticed I could use some gas in the car.  After cashing the check, I went to the gas station.  I pulled up to the pump, put in my debit card, pushed the button next to the least obnoxiously high priced gas, and began to fill the tank.  I then proceeded to clean my windshield when I heard a small voice say "Excuse me."  I looked at the next pump and saw an older woman motion for me to come over to her. I did and she asked me "Do you know how to work these things?"  She was pointing to her credit card.  I noticed her brand-new bright red convertible jaguar and thought "I am SURE you know how to use that!"  I said "the pump or the credit card?"  She replied "I never pump gas, my husband does it on Saturday, but I only have 33 miles left on this tank, and I can’t wait until tomorrow.  Can you help me? Can you show me how to do this?"
Rats, I was hoping I was going to help her shop with that credit card.  It was all gold and shiny and I bet it had a really high credit limit. sigh.  Back to the gas pump.  I begin to show her how to swipe her card, put in her zip code, choose the grade of gas (premium of course), then pump the gas.  However, I did all those things. She just watched.  After it finished filling up, I removed the nozzle, put it back, got her receipt, closed her gas tank cover, and gave her back her credit card (the worst part).  She told me I had made her day.  I just don’t think I "showed her how to pump her own gas" however.  I am pretty sure she used me to just pump it for her.  Hmmmm.  

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