Leaving for Tech Ed

It seems like we just never stay home anymore. We leave for Microsoft Tech Ed on Sunday.  I love this event, but I just feel so exhausted right now. Too much traveling.  We have plenty of people to watch our "furry" kids, but I will miss them a lot.
Tonight we go to The Melting Pot for dinner. I can’t wait. I love that place.  I’m still doing well on my new way of life and have lost a total of 32lbs so far.  I have about 32lbs more to go.  I plan to be at my goal weight by October.  I will have a lo of temptation next week at Tech Ed.  The event coordinators give us a lot of snack foods throughout the day and parties at night.  It makes eating well more of a challenge.  I will look for the applies, bananas, granola and salads throughout the day.
Wish me luck!

One response to “Leaving for Tech Ed

  1. Our Melting Pot closed.  I guess we needed you here to keep it in business.

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