Lunches are in room South 320

I am in a preconference today at Teched. We were told lunch was on the main conference floor in the main dining hall.  This location is about a 1 mile walk from my classroom. (no, that is not dramatic!).  I head down there from class and connect my laptop in the wireless cafe while I wait for lunch to be served. And I wait.  And I wait.  Before I know it, it is 12:30 and no lunch.  hmmm. That is odd.  Lots of people hanging around waiting, but no lunch.
Then a conference worker comes around making the notice that lunch is REALLY being served on the 3rd floor, south end of the center, about 2 seconds from the classroom I left 30 minutes ago.  I pack up all my cares and woes (or laptop) and begin the mile walk back to the South side and lunch.  I got my lunch which was a dry turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread. They served them all up in boxes.  $2,000 for this event and we get boxed lunches. Spare no expense!
I am now sitting and eating my dry sandwich listening to the representative standing at the end of the escalator telling everyone, each individual GEEK that "Lunch is served in South Room 320".  Perhaps someone outside the classrooms would have helped a little more.  This person is standing 20 feet from lunch and he is telling each individual Geek – all 300 of them that "Lunch is 20 feet away!"  I want to scream at him to go stand downstairs and get the people BEFORE they walk that 1 mile to the actual dining hall. Silly me and 300 others for thinking lunch would be served there!

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