What a great night/day

Last night we went to Universal Studios with all the Geeks from TechEd 2008. We had such a FANTASTIC time. We rode The Simpsons Ride first. Absolutely GREAT! So much fun. I laughed so hard I think I may peed my pants. So fun.  I went totally off my eating plan.  It was a new plan. If someone is handing out food, take it! I had 4 churros, a hot dog, part of a hamburger, ice cream, lots of ice cream, french fries, and I am sure I am forgetting something.  There was wine, beer, games, rides, entertainment. It was a blast.
Today it was back to learning and studying.  I went to several sessions and learned quite a lot.  I also got a chance to go into the money booth in the Dynamics section.  If you wore a button that said you went to a Dynamics class, you may get picked to go into this money booth.  The money would get blown around and you had to pick it up and put it in your pants or down your shirt. I got picked! I had 30 seconds to grab the money.  It was so much fun.  I wound up with $170.00. Woohoo! Another party tonight!
Thanks everyone for reading.  We are leaving for home tomorrow around noon.  I can’t wait to go home and see the kids.  I miss those little fuzzy creatures.
See ya!

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