The cat is not a squirrel or a crab.

As most of you know, we take in 3-legged animals.  We have 3, 3-legged animals at this time.  The newest member of our "tripod" group is Tipsy. she is a female grey kitten.  Tipsy walks a little funny and has a big fluffy tail.  She actually walks a little more than just "funny"  Tipsy mostly runs, and runs with  her body in the shape of a "C".  When our friends arrived last night from Pennsylvania, they saw Tipsy run and began to laugh and say she looks like a Sand Crab.  Our niece saw her fluffy tail and calls her "Squirrel Cat"  I believe Tipsy has decided she is not partial to these names.  Our friend from PA picked up Tipsy this morning and Tipsy left a little "Deposit" on her shirt! Heehee.  What makes this a little worse is that last night I broke our washing machine.  I guess she will be taking that little stain with her to remind her that Tipsy is a cat, not a Sand Crab.  I wonder what she will do to the one that calls her a Squirrel. I believe she is plotting something.

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