Leash me alone!

It all happened so fast, but in slow motion. How is that possible?  I couldn’t do a thing to stop it.  I saw it, I knew it was going to hurt, but I just watched, I just let it happen.  I just couldn’t seem to stop it.  I wish I had, but just couldn’t.  What happened you ask? Let me tell you.


On Saturday I took Sock, the 3-legged beer-fetching dog, out front for some tennis ball fetching.  I was using the 50ft nylon training lead.  That way she can run for the ball, but not get out of control since I still have the end of the 50ft leash in my hand.  I was tossing and she was catching for a while, then the hubby came out to play as well.


He looked and wondered why I had such a long leash.  I explained to him. He said “cool, can I throw the ball?”  I reply “sure”  He grabbed the tennis ball, asked if I was ready. I had the end of the leash in my hand so I said “sure, go ahead and throw the ball”  As he threw the tennis ball, time seemed to slow down.  I looked down at my feet and saw it.  The nylon leash was looped around my ankle.  OH CRAP! Was the first thought in my head.  The dog ran.  I stared in disbelief as the loop was getting tighter and tighter around my ankle.  The dog ran harder toward that tennis ball.  The loop closed in on the ankle. Sock ran as hard and as fast as those 3 legs would carry her.  The speed at which she is running is proportional to the pain in my ankle.


The loop was now fully tightened against my ankle, but there was a good 30ft left of the leash to unwind (against my ankle) as the dog wasn’t stopping her run toward that darn ball.  Glad hubby threw it so far. Now my leg was being lifted off the ground by her 70lb body running at full tilt.  Boy does this hurt. I just keep staring at the skin on my ankle being ripped off by the nylon leash.  I also can see how much more there still is to go.  “This is really going to be bad” I think to myself.  Really bad.  Don’t scream. Try to remain calm.  Who needs skin on their ankle anyway?


Finally, it stops.  The dog gets the ball. There is only about 6” left of leash to rip against my flesh anyway.  I pull the leash off and luckily my foot stays attached to my body. My husband is concerned, but still slightly chuckling.  He says the whole thing looked like a cartoon.  However, when he sees the ankle the laughing ends.


Today, Monday, the ankle still hurts a lot. It looks just awful.  I went to the doctor to be sure it wasn’t infected and to find out what to do for it to help it heal.  She tells me it is a bad burn and it needs to be treated. She puts on this “burn cream” that I think will sooth the pain.  But it begins to burn. Bad.  I ask her how this cream helps heal the wound.  She replies “it eats away the dead skin”  LOVELY! I can feel it eating now!  She chuckles.  I’m glad I can make all these people smile with my pain.




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