No Fun Allowed

I was really looking forward to taking the dogs to "Doggie Plunge" this weekend at a local park.  Parks and Recreation had planned the event similar to the one we attended in April. We would have been able to use a small portion of a very large lake to let our dogs swim with us.  However, some very old and very annoying people that live in Naples decided this was a very bad idea. Do they go to this park? No. Would they have been swimming with us? No. They just wanted to complain about something that didn’t affect them, to people that could care less, about something they would have hurt no one.  So the event is cancelled. The old people who never want anyone to have any fun in Naples win again.
We shall sit at home and watch the grass grow.  But not too much! Don’t let the grass grow too high! You will get a note.

One response to “No Fun Allowed

  1. Another reason why I hate Naples so much and never want to return.

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