New Pig Rig

Yesterday when I spoke to my husband, he sounded weird.  He sounded out of breath. He sounded like something was really wrong. However, when I asked him what was wrong, he wouldn’t tell me. He said that he would have to tell me when I got home.  I hate when I have to wait. But I waited.  I went out with a friend for dinner, and I forgot about him. (not really, but lets pretend I was patient)  I didn’t call him and ask again what was up (I did, but we are in a fantasy world here).
When I finally got home, I saw a new police car in the driveway.  I have to admit that the first thing I thought was that he had wrecked his car and they was a loaner.  Bad wife.
He had actually been given a new car! Woohoo!  Good for him. After 21 years at his job, this was a very great day!  Yea him!  I’m so proud. He deserves it.

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