AB Sold!

Anheuser Busch sells!  That is so un-american!  Some family business!  What the heck.  It has been in the family for generations, but that didn’t matter. It is all about money. Whatever.  You can have it InBev.  Why not. Lets take all american products and sell them to overseas markets.  America is doing just fine.  We have everything we need here. Great jobs (oh wait, unemployment is up), low prices (nope, can’t fill my tank for less than $75.00), a thriving economy (I will type more once I stop laughing).  I guess 52Billion dollars was too much for money-grubbing people to turn down.  I’m sure the owners and directors get a fantastic buy out.  Good for them, will they help me fill up my tank?  I can use the help.

One response to “AB Sold!

  1. You really cannot blame them.  They got a great deal.  I would have sold it too.

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